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Frequently Asked Questions


1.  Why SAF•T•ROUND?

Because gun users deserve a safety device that protects the user from accidental injury or death while making the weapon easily accessible.

2.  What is SAF•T•ROUND?

SAF•T•ROUND is a patented EJECTABLE empty chamber indicator that prevents accidental discharge of a weapon.

3.  Is the SAF•T•ROUND reusable?

Yes. The SAF•T•ROUND with proper care and use will last for years.

4.  What is the SAF•T•ROUND made of?

The SAF•T•ROUND is made of a durable heat resistant polymer and brass alloy.

5.  Can the same SAF•T•ROUND be used in all guns?

No. The SAF•T•ROUND is caliber specific to mimic the caliber of a live round. The SAF•T•ROUND is not designed for use in revolvers, only semi-automatic and automatic firearms.

6.  What is the difference in the short and long tab SAF•T•ROUND for the handgun?

The short tab extends approximately 0.5” from the cylinder and may stay in the weapon while holstered. The long tab extends approximately 0.75” from the cylinder and is best utilized on the range and for transport when visibility of an empty chamber indicator is required.

7.  Are there departmental discounts?

Yes. We offer discounts to Law Enforcement and Military. Please call for additional information.

8.  Are there National Stock Numbers for the SAF•T•ROUNDs?

Yes. We have 12 National Stock Numbers assigned by the Logistics Information Services. Please call for additional information.

9.  What are the customer service hours?

You are able to talk with a live customer service representative between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm EST.